Kikos is market in Fairview, NJ owned by Felix who hails from Cuba. His father was always in the business of running a market and Felix followed in his footsteps since the age of eleven. Listen & watch Felix unfold his story and hear his thoughts behind running a business and success.


Iris Records is a vinyl shop located in Downtown Jersey City. I worked on a portrait piece of one of the managers at the time, Stephen Silvestri and created a beautiful presentation of the record store itself. 

MOXIE 1973

Moxie 1973 is a cultural label headed by Juels Pierrot, a Jersey City entrepreneur and hip-hop fanatic. I joined forces with him and his team to create memorable content for a visual campaign to create hype for the "Juice Hip-Hop Festival: Garden State Edition". We ended with four portrait pieces of artists who were performing in the festival, showcasing their lifestyle, how they developed their skills, and how they chase their dream.


ChicpeaJC is a blog/news site ran by Lynn Hazan. She started as a Jersey City blogger then slowly rose to become a go to person for updates in Jersey City from major events and fashionable citizens to top restaurants to visit and event host. I joined her and a team of videographers to help bring to life an idea she had for awhile, Content Creators Academy. A non-profit organization focused on teaching young individuals aspects of digital media. We were tasked with editing the final product and ended up with a realized piece that brought her idea to reality.